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Temporary Kitchens and Dining

PKL specialises in the hire of portable kitchens which are used to provide temporary foodservice facilities for use during refurbishments, events, closures or emergencies.

If your school is planning kitchen refurbishment works, we can supply temporary kitchen and dining facilities to enable you to continue to offer school meals as normal during your kitchen closure. Likewise, if your school kitchen requires an unexpected closure due to unforeseen factors such as a fire or flood, we can also dispatch emergency catering facilities to you.

Portable Kitchens Product Range

We have over 900 portable kitchens in our hire fleet. Our production kitchens start with our smallest Field Kitchen and range to our huge Triton Kitchen, so whether you are feeding 50 or 5,000 people each day, you will be able to find a temporary solution to suit your requirements. We also supply different sized preparation kitchens, coldrooms, dry storage facilities, warewashing units and dining facilities, all of which are available to hire as standalone units or as part of a larger temporary complex.

We have recently introduced a range of eKitchens into our hire fleet, which are energy efficient temporary kitchen units with a range of added insulation and energy saving features.

Designed to Your Requirements

We have a range of over 10,000 items of commercial catering equipment which is used within our portable kitchens. This ensures that we can design a facility that exactly matches your menu requirements. PKL employs a team of CAD designers who will work with you to design your temporary kitchen facility. Our kitchen facilities can range from a single unit, right up to large open plan facilities for longer term use. Whatever your requirements, our specialist kitchen designers can create a temporary facility to suit you.

Proven Packages and Favoured Footprints

PKL Proven Packages and Favoured Footprints have been developed from our experience of delivering over 10,000 temporary kitchen facilities over the last 25 years. Proven Packages are combinations of our portable kitchens and ancillary units that have been linked together to form instant catering facilities capable of feeding anywhere from a few to a few thousand people each day.

Similarly, our Favoured Footprints are pre-designed layouts of catering equipment combinations, designed to run along the production side of our temporary kitchens.

In both cases these pre-designed unit and equipment footprints can be used to provide an instant solution if required or can be used as a starting point for a more bespoke design to suit your requirements.

Portable Kitchen Health and Safety Features

We have invested a large amount of time and resource to ensure that all of our portable kitchens meet the latest health and safety regulations. All of our temporary kitchens are all purpose-built and supplied with automatic fire suppression (production kitchens), food safe wipe clean walls and non-slip flooring.

Ease the Pressure of the Free School Meals Programme

If you are currently investing in a new traditionally built kitchen to help introduce Free School Meals for Key Stage 1 pupils, but require an interim solution until it is complete, a temporary kitchen provides the perfect way to provide school meals until your new kitchen is finished. Additionally, if you already have a kitchen, but would face increased pressure on your facilities due to a higher take-up of school meals, a temporary kitchen is a good way to help provide extra production capacity and storage space.