The PKL Food Cube is a modular servery building, ideal for use as a satellite servery area or "grab and go" food kiosk. It is ideal for schools that are looking to relieve congestion in busy canteen areas or increase pupil retention on site by adding to their menu options through additional catering outlets.

Food Cubes have been proven to increase school meal uptake and catering revenue, reduce queue times in the main canteen, and support stay on site policy. In some cases, pupils prefer to use the Food Cube instead of the main dining facility, as it provides a less formal and more relaxed way of purchasing school meals. Food Cubes also allow for greater catering flexibility and enable schools to offer more food choices.

Arriving onsite fully equipped and ready to connect to services, Food Cubes come with a choice of catering equipment inside. This means that they can be tailored to each school's requirements. For example, some schools will use a Food Cube to serve pre-cooked food transferred there from the main school kitchen. These Cubes may contain equipment such as hot cupboards and heated gantries to keep food warm until it is served. Other Cubes may be used as an outlet for quick food and snacks, and could perhaps include a panini grill, refrigerated display unit and drinks machine. Our expert team works with each school to identify their requirements and design their Food Cube equipment schedule accordingly.

Fast Track Building Solutions

The Food Cube comes in a range of two standard sizes, either 3.6m or 6m. The units are Building Regulations compliant with a sturdy all-steel construction, rather than a fibreglass or similar build, making them suitable for use all year round. With a 60-year independently accredited design life and 15-year structural warranty, Food Cubes are a purpose-built permanent solution. Their modular design means that they can be relocated if required, making them a flexible, low-risk option for if the school changes over time.

Food Cubes can be finished in a wide range of exterior options including wooden cladding, brick slip, a bespoke vinyl wrap or painted finish designed specifically to your requirements.

Food Cubes are built and constructed off site in as little as six weeks from order, meaning that they arrive to you fully finished and equipped with the catering equipment of your choice. Once they have been connected to services, a process which can usually be completed within a few hours, they are up and running, ready for operation.

Although semi-permanent modular buildings, Food Cubes are entirely relocatable, including the ability to move them from one site to another, while purchase, contract rental or lease hire procurement options make them an entirely flexible solution.

Flexible Financial Solutions

Procurement options for Food Cubes include contract rental, lease hire or capital purchase. This makes them an affordable option for all schools looking for an innovative lunchtime solution. We can offer advice on the various funding streams which are available for facilities such as Food Cubes. PKL also provides inclusive service, parts, labour and preventative maintenance visits, both for the building and the catering equipment inside, ensuring known, fixed costs and peace of mind.