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KitchenFM for Schools

PKL's KitchenFM for Schools enables schools to procure a new kitchen for a fixed monthly fee, including all the service and maintenance required to keep it running. This means that not only can a new kitchen be procured for no large upfront cost, but schools can accurately budget for all costs associated with servicing and maintaining their kitchen, with no nasty surprises should any equipment need to be repaired or replaced.

With recommendations in the School Food Plan encouraging schools to provide hot cooked meals for their pupils, KitchenFM for Schools can help schools who are looking to install a new kitchen or refurbish their existing facilities, to ensure that they are able to adequately provide for any increase in meal provision, without having to break the bank.

KitchenFM for Schools allows schools to outsource the ownership of their catering facilities, so PKL owns and is responsible for all the catering equipment, and schools simply pay a fixed monthly hire fee. All design, equipment, installation of catering equipment, service, repair, preventative maintenance, parts and labour are included under the fixed monthly fee. This means that the headache of installing and looking after the kitchen once it's operational remains with PKL and not the school.

This solution enables schools to specify equipment from our range of over 10,000 items of catering equipment. This allows you the flexibility to specify a kitchen that matches your exact requirements, while also providing the option of upgrading or adding items of equipment should your menu or school meal uptake change over time.

Fully Inclusive Service and Maintenance

As all parts, labour, servicing and preventative maintenance visits are included within the monthly fee, the responsibility for looking after the kitchen remains with PKL and leaves you with a known cost throughout each year.

Our KitchenFM for Schools option is ideal for schools looking to upgrade their catering facilities where budgets are tight, and is also particularly suited to school kitchens which are currently equipped with old, tried equipment and have a high maintenance backlog. It is also ideal for schools looking to refit their entire kitchen with newer, more up to date and suitable equipment.

If your school requires a new kitchen estate and is looking for a flexible, affordable alternative to buying catering equipment, or is currently suffering with poor equipment reliability and high maintenance costs, we can offer you a no obligation site survey to discuss your needs and design a facility which matches your requirements.

Children's Food Trust

We're proud to be a founder corporate member of the Children's Food Trust, supporting their mission to help children eat better and, so, to do better. For every KitchenFM for Schools contract we supply to the education sector, we will make a donation to the Children's Food Trust to support their work.

Over the past year, we've already donated £14,000 to the Children's Food Trust through a scheme running through a different division of our business, and this KitchenFM for Schools partnership will enable us to continue our support of the Trust.