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Food Technology Kitchens

PKL's Food Technology Kitchens are permanent modular teaching kitchens which can also include facilities for growing vegetables or herbs.

With cooking and food education being added to the National Curriculum from 2014 for all pupils up to Key Stage 3, it is important that schools prepare for this and have the right facilities in place. Our modular teaching kitchens are ideal for schools which are struggling for Food Technology teaching space or would like to add additional facilities without needing to convert existing classrooms.

As well as providing high quality, modern cooking stations for pupils to use in lessons, PKL's Food Technology Kitchens can also enable schools to offer pupils the opportunity to grow their own food as part of their lessons or extra-curricular activities.

We have Food Technology Kitchens suitable for both primary and secondary schools, and can offer various features as well as incorporating schools' own ideas if required. Optional features can include rooftop gardens, enclosed courtyard areas with raised beds for growing vegetables or herbs, wall planting systems and internal all-weather growing facilities.

Our Food Technology Kitchens feature a student-facing teaching/cooking station, and central tuition tables which can be used for teaching or food preparation. The cooking stations are then located along the sides of the room, featuring high quality domestic cooking equipment.

Multi-Purpose Learning Space

Our teaching kitchen and serving areas are created to give flexible learning space to your school. Built to your specification, not only do they help get pupils interested in food and support the viability of your school meals service, but they can also enhance teaching and learning within the curriculum. They are perfect for science, technology, health, wellbeing, collaborative learning and healthy eating.

Schools can use the Food Technology Kitchen to educate pupils and the wider school community on a range of skills including horticulture, food hygiene and preparation, cookery and enterprise - subjects that cover both indoor and outdoor learning.

Food Technology Kitchens don't only cover activities for your pupils. They can be used to create valuable revenue streams and raise school or community funds. Your school can rent out the facility during evenings, weekends and holidays, promoting important links between your school and the local community.

Fast Track Building Solutions

Designed and constructed offsite, PKL Food Technology Kitchens can be built to your exact requirements, meaning that they can be as big or as small as you like, and can include features to suit your school's exact requirements. They offer a great opportunity to add extra classroom space to your school without impacting on existing buildings onsite. Although they are permanent buildings, their modular design allows our Food Technology Kitchens to be relocated elsewhere on the school site if the school's needs change over time.

Our Food Technology Kitchens can be finished in a wide range of exterior options including wooden cladding, brick slip, a bespoke vinyl wrap or painted finish designed specifically to your requirements. This allows them to blend in with existing buildings on site, or alternatively enables schools to create a real feature of them. With so many options available for the exterior of the building, and the number additional building features which can be included in the design, each Food Technology Kitchen can be unique to match each individual school's specifications.

Flexible Financial Solutions

PKL Food Technology Kitchens can be procured via contract rental, lease hire or capital purchase. There is also various funding available for these facilities, which we can help advise you on. PKL also provides inclusive service, parts, labour and preventative maintenance visits, both for the building and the catering equipment inside, ensuring known, fixed costs and peace of mind.