Government Procurement Listed Supplier

PKL has been Government Procurement registered (formerly Buying Solutions) since 1992 meaning that we are pre-tendered in the hire or sale of modular kitchens to the public sector.

The Government Procurement Service enables users to maximise value for money in their procurement activities by leveraging public sector purchasing power in order to deliver significant cost savings.

The framework agreement enables public sector organisations to procure the products and services they require through pre tendered arrangements, which are fully compliant with EU legislation and statutory regulations, while also ensuring best practice for end users. In addition, the Government Procurement Service aims to comply with all relevant government policies on sustainable development and sustainable procurement, and all relevant legislations and regulations.

Both pricing and processes on the Government Procurement Service frameworks are benchmarked by an individual organisation to ensure that suppliers continue to offer best value for money.

If you would like further information or any assistance in procuring products via Buying Solutions, please contact PKL, or the Government Procurement Website